Paddler Information


Each paddler needs to create their own account and complete the required paperwork.



  • Click Register/Login to create an Account
  • Create a Password then Verify your Email
  • Once Email has been verified please return to the homepage and click Register/Login to go to My Account Page
  • Fill out the Contact Information Form



  1. Tag yourself as a Dragon Boat Paddler or SUP Paddler.
  2. If you belong to a Team, select your Team Name from the Drop Down Menu.  If you belong to a Team and it is not listed, then email your Team Captain.

  3. If you are a Pick-Up Paddler and do not belong to a Team please select I do not have a team.
  4. Register for your desired event(s) if you are not associated with a team. Payment can be taken care of online.  If you are associated with a team, payment should be arranged through your team representative.
  5. See all other Paddler forms including the Waiver and Dri Fit T-Shirt Option.