Team Captain Information

Instructions for Registering Your Team

  • Click Register/Login to create an Account
  • Create a Password then Verify your Email
  • Once Email has been verified please return to the homepage and click Register/Login to go to My Account Page
  • Fill out the Contact Information Form
  • Please email team logo to


Contact Information Form

  1. Tag yourself as a Team Captain and all others that apply such as a Dragon Boat Paddler.
  2. Select your Team Name from the Drop Down, if it is not included in the list, select "My Team is not listed" then email so your team name can be added as soon as possible.

  3. Register for your desired event(s). Payment can be taken care of online.
  4. See all other team forms
  5. Schedule Practice(s) as needed.


Next steps

  1. Contact all of the Paddlers on your Team and request that each Paddler create an account and register on this site as a Paddler.  Each Paddler will go through several steps including; identifying themselves as a team member on your team, providing their shirt size, reviewing a safety video, reviewing the rules, digitally signing a waiver and choosing among several items to purchase.
  2. Payment for the event will be processed through the Team Captain only.